About the Program


 We welcome all.

We offer Junior Menace, three times during the school year for fall, winter and spring sessions.  We take a break over the summer, offering a Summer Camp program in June and July.

Junior Menace is for BOYS and GIRLS, ages 3 to 9.  It is a program designed for all ability levels and we definitely encourage beginners!  This is a great program to learn basic soccer skills if your child has never played before.

One of the benefits of our program is that we accept registrations on a rolling basis for each season.  No deadlines to worry about and we accept walk-ups the first night at each location.

We are different than other soccer programs.

Each Junior Menace site is lead by a licensed soccer coach, which means they have taken soccer courses sanctioned through state and national soccer organizations.  At each site, we also have assistant coaches who are currently playing soccer in high school, at a select club level, at the college level and we utilize our current Menace players from our men's and women's teams when they are available.

Our program is based off of a national curriculum geared to teach soccer skills and development to players in the 3 to 9 age range.  We feel this is an important part of what we do because our program is based off national guidelines and best practices.  It also helps educate our coaches about what to expect mentally, developmentally and physically from players in the age range of our program.

We value your time and money.

We are a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, so we try to keep the cost of our program as affordable as possible.  The cost of each player's registration goes to cover the cost of jerseys, equipment, payment to our coaches, supplies, field/gym rental and maintenance expenses.

We love if parents want to get involved and volunteer alongside our coaches (we encourage it!), but understand it doesn't work for everyone to help out and volunteer.  We staff our site locations with enough paid and volunteer coaches so parents don't have to worry about helping out with the program.


 Junior Menace is an important part of the Menace's mission:

To grow the sport of soccer, and to spread the excitement of The World's Game!